Angelus Marino: DeeJay Italian / Producer.
Pseudonym of Angelo Marino.

Considered as one of the most quoted artists at the international level of the genre Elettro-minimal House and with over a decade of career behind it, it combines minimal sounds with electronic resonance. The outstanding talent gives his creations charisma and originality.
He collaborated at the beginning of the Nineties with the Ice MC group, with the Datura group, the USURA, with the deejay Ramirez, Digital Boy and other artists of the international dance scene.
He also cultivates his musical passion in the Disco environment, collecting experiences in various Italian clubs and dance clubs such as: Blu O, Domus Aurea, Histoire Discoteque, Replay, Dancin ‘Copacabana, Hexagon, Empire, Egypt and many others.
In those years Angelus, in direct contact with Italian underground circles, finds inspiration for his new productions, taking an interest in the Mush up of genres between House, electro and minimal.
Also in these years Angelus collaborates with the radio editorial staff of Nuova Radio Base, conducting the Big Box Live program and the special Saturday: Masterquick mix.
In 2003, Angelus is recognized as ‘revelation of the year’ at the Italy Dance Music Award at the Danish Music Awards, and his candidature as International Revelation in France.
In 2012 he published the single Virus which consecrates Angelus internationally.
He also collaborates with Carolina Marconi in the production of the single Move to the Fiesta and accompanies the voice of Kevin Lopez in the single 2012 plaque entitled: KISS KISS KISS.
Also in 2012 he collaborated with the international vocalist Henry Pass.
In 2013 Angelus produces the album entitled VERTIGINE from the Vertigine brand.
From this project a musical iter is born that crosses the Italian and international premises, in collaboration with:
Luca Martinelli deejay (m2o), Java Deejay, Missy Jay deejay, Darina Sky deejay, Sisko Eletrofanatik deejay, Hanry Pass (The vocalist) and Frank Gallo (The vocalist).
His latest album is out: Piramide


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