“Hardboy” is a project that was born in the spring of 2010 thanks to the Deejay Course organized by Mastermax at the Varese House of Disco, but the passion for music starts from childhood!
at age 5 I already mastered an old turntable from my parents that I accidentally damaged ..
the music accompanied me every second of my childhood until in 2007 began the collaboration with “m2o Radio” for the management of the official forum as “moderator” and in particular of the Trance & Hardstyle music programs nominated at that time: TRANCE EVOLUTION & ZERO DB.

2009: I made the decision to concentrate on Hardstyle music and the following year I began to follow the evenings proposed by the INSOUND staff.

2010: start of my DJ-NEW TALENT career in the INSOUND staff where I performed in various clubs … soon after thanks to my efforts to take care of INSOUND’s Fm program I was chosen as “collaborator” of INSOUND in direct Fm from Doctor Zot, Martek & Erik where I was a guest several times on live radio.

future??? but we don’t know the passion for this genre has remained unchanged for 7 years now! 😉

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