CLUB RADIO ONE stems from the desire to create a cultural aggregator to promote free expression, in its most diverse forms, through the use of radio.

Although they all came from the world of FM radio, we found ourselves moving for the first time in a new space, that of the web, building our path step by step. Thanks to the support of many and our work we have managed to create a small space of freedom. We have already done so much, but we are only at the beginning. Our hope is to continue on the path we have taken, producing quality content, promoting the culture of dance. To do this we need additional financial support.

We have decided to leave our coordinates here for those who wish to donate financial support to our project.
We want to thank those who have already supported us and continue to do so, listening to us and following our initiatives.
We hope that he will continue to recognize in our voices the thrust that moved us from the first moment and that will continue to be our engine.

Many thanks to all of us at CLUB RADIO ONE